Iqbal Firdaus, Sri Mulatsih, Iskandar Ahmaddien


Investment is an important element of the growth and the development of economic. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is one of the investment sources as an alternative to the Domestic Investment that might be difficult to be fulfilled by a country itself. The increased numbers of FDI inflows to ASEAN countries turns out were not evenly distributed to each country. This research is important to determine the development and determinants of FDI inflows in six ASEAN countries in the period of 1998-2016. From the panel data regression analysis, it can be concluded that the variable levels of corruption negatively affect the FDI inflows, while the level of economic freedom and income per capita has a positive effect on FDI inflows in six ASEAN countries in 1998-2016.


FDI, economic freedom, corruption, panel data

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