Latifah Adnani, Trisa Nur Kania


BUMDes Cibadak village, Banjarsari sub-district Ciamis district is one of the BUMdes that runs businesses in the sheep farming sector. This business began in 2018. The types of sheep managed in this business include breeding sheep, fattening sheep and contest sheep. Sheep are made clean and attractive cages. Like a series of villages that are bounded by a partition for each sheep, one barrier is called the Lamb Hotel. The managers are around six residents. His job is to feed, keep the cage clean, bathe and keep sheep safe from being stolen. The sheep that are kept there are sheep belonging to BUMDes, and there are sheep deposited by investors. Sheep nurse receives her profit-sharing wage after being treated 4 months later and the sale proceeds from the distribution, namely for sheep owned by BUMDes, each party receives 50%. While the sheep from investors for the results of 40% for investors, 40% for caregivers and 20% paid to BUMDes as BUMDes cash input. The problem faced in caring for sheep is sheep feed in the form of grass during the dry season to get it experiencing difficulties because they have to find grass in distant regions which is considered inconvenient for sheep caregivers, besides the cost is also relatively expensive because they have to pay for gasoline and motorcycle maintenance. While giving food 3 times a day ie. 09.00 hours, hours. 14.00 and hour. 17:00. In addition, because those who care for sheep are not breeders or farmers, so there are those who are not careful in caring for their sheep, so they must be completed by other sheep nurses. The research objectives are 1) Knowing the role of the Cibadak BUMDes in the management of sheep businesses 2) Analyzing the development of sheep management businesses. The research method is qualitative with a descriptive approach, resource persons from the Head of the Cibadak village and the head of the sheep manager. Research site in Cibadak village, Banjarsari, Ciamis Regency. Research results, that in the management of these sheep require careful planning, because it involves living things, BUMDes as the party responsible for sheep management needs to work together with other villages, especially related to the problems of those caring for sheep, security against theft of sheep and the problem of supplying feed, In addition, the plan for the Cibadak BUMDes to develop contest sheep needs to be considered again because the maintenance costs are high and more complicated and prone to theft of these animals due to the relatively high prices. In this regard, supervision (Controlling) needs to be done intensively and involves the village security (Linmas)

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