Nitta C Sasmita, Charisma A. Fitrananda


Human efforts to work together systematically in the sense of deliberate, planned and directed towards a goal, called organization. Complexity in organizations is increasing day by day and requires a new dimension in modern management in dealing with changes and their consequences. The main task of management is to try to ensure and plan everything, especially related to the emergence of changes outside the organization which ultimately requires the holding of strategic changes in the organization so that it can survive that is equipped with strong human resources. The success of a job is very dependent on all parties involved in implementing the achievement of organizational goals, both in government and the private sector in carrying out their duties in accordance with the management functions carried out correctly. One of the management functions that must be considered is coordination, which is very instrumental in determining organizational steps to achieve its objectives. Coordination is one of the management functions in carrying out these various jobs precisely, quickly and effectively to reduce mistakes. Such coordination is the task of the administrator at the top level of the organization for the activities of his subordinates. Group activities carried out with the awareness of cooperation can be called organized activities which in modern society the activities will be carried out in a more formal arrangement. All of this is intended to achieve work at various levels in order to achieve organizational effectiveness. The effectiveness of the organization in question is the result of work that is right on target and is appropriate in accordance with predetermined planning or in accordance with the desired results at various levels of the organization in order to achieve the targets set together


Organization , Administration Public

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